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School Gate

With the sunshine and guards’ smiling faces, the children come into the school gate to start their school life.


You may often see the caretakers there. Sometimes they are having a heart -to- heart talk with the children. There are two ends of a corridor, one with students’ cheers and laughter and the other one with teachers’ sincere love.


A blackboard filled with teachers’ great knowledge and wisdom and a colorful wall recording students’ details of school life. Carefully decorated classroom is a paradise of the children and their smiling faces add to its beauty.


Time to energize yourselvesSavoring delicious dishes, the children are looking forward to afternoon time.

Gymnasium, Playground, Dancing Room

Whatever the sports are, soccer, basketball or dancing, you can indulge your passion regardless of the weather. Stretch your body as you like and sprinkle your sweat drops.


The most peaceful but popular place in the school where children become bookworms exploring the world.

Multifunctional Hall

On the stage, each child is confidently talking, dancing, reciting and singing; under the stage, the audience is casting them an comforting and expectant look. Here, the stage is for all. It witnesses the growth of each child.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

80, Fengmatang Road, Qingpu District,


Tel: 021- 69760860

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