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About Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

      Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School is a sixteen-year fulltime school set up by WFL Educational Service & Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an affiliate of JuneYao.

      According to The National Curriculum, with the idea of “Let the students embrace the world; let the world be the part of the school”, QWFLS has developed a special “4+1” curriculum system. We referred to some quality courses from WFLPS and reconstructed them with new ideas.

      Teachers of our school are all from Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School. They are professional and dedicated.

      We also have ample teaching space, advanced facilities and equipment and high-quality logistics services, which promote cultivating a cosmopolite who is first an aspiring, persistent, insightful and contributing Chinese.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

80, Fengmatang Road, Qingpu District,


Tel: 021- 69760860

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