Admission Procedure

  • 1

    Know about admission guide

    Before 3/18

    the admission guide will be officially released. Parents can browse our school website to know about it.

  • 2

    Admission information release and information registration


    Parents should first obtain a primary school admission information form. Parents whose school-age child has entered a kindergarten can obtain it from the kindergarten by registering required information.

  • 3

    Log in the system and fill an application


    Parents can browse the web( fill an application.

  • 4

    Upload a photo and pass the check

    Before 5/5

    upload students’ photos accordingly through Enrollment System for Compulsory Education in Shanghai.

  • 5

    Receive a text message

    Before 5/6

    parents will be informed of the interview time through a text message. (Interview time cannot be changed.)

  • 6

    Have an interview


    With household register (or other kinds of valid certificates), verified information registration form and the text message, Parents take their children to have an interview in Shanghai Kangjian Primary School. (No.2 Baihua Rd,near South Hongcao Rd)

  • 7

    Release the acceptance letter


    Accepted students who have chosen QWFLS as a first choice will receive their acceptance letters.


    The other accepted students will receive their letters. Parents should reply to confirm through text message or Enrollment System for Compulsory Education in Shanghai.

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