Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School(primary school) Admission Guide 2017

Set up in 2016, Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School is a sixteen-year fulltime school set up by WFL Educational Service & Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an affiliate of JuneYao.

Our school covers an area of 60 mu, with construction area of about 47500 square meters, advanced teaching facilities and equipment and beautiful surroundings.

According to The National Curriculum, with the idea of “Let the students embrace the world; let the world be the part of the school”, QWFLS has developed a special “4+1” curriculum system. We referred to some quality courses from WFLPS and reconstructed them with new ideas.

Teachers of our school are all from Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School. They are professional and dedicated.

Our goal is to cultivate a cosmopolite who is first an aspiring, persistent, insightful and contributing Chinese.

I. Enrollment Quota

90 students will be admitted for the fall 2017 term.

II. Prospective Students and Requirements

We need students with Shanghai residency or international students including students from foreign countries, Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao.

They should be born from September 1st, 2010 to August 31st, 2011.

III. How and When to Sign Up

1. 4/8-4/23, Parents should first obtain a primary school admission information form. Parents whose school-age child has entered a kindergarten can obtain it from the kindergarten by registering required information. Parents whose school-age child hasn’t entered a kindergarten should register information at the prescribed place Bureau of Education sets.

2. 4/24-2/26, Parents can browse the webwww.shrxbm.cnto fill applications.

3. Before May 5th, upload students’ photos accordingly through Enrollment System for Compulsory Education in Shanghai.

4. Before 6th May, parents will be informed of the interview time through text messages. (Interview time cannot be changed.)

5. 5/6-5/7, With household register (or other kinds of valid certificates), verified information registration form and the text message, Parents take their students to have an interview in Shanghai Kangjian Primary School. (No.2 Baihua Rd,near South Hongcao Rd)

6. 5/8-5/9, Accepted students who have chosen QWFLS as a first choice will receive their acceptance letters.

The other accepted students will receive their letters on May 11st or May 12th. After that, parents should reply to confirm through text message or Enrollment System for Compulsory Education in Shanghai.


1. QWFLS only accepts students who have chosen QWFLS as a first choice or WFLPS as a first choice, QWFLS as a second choice.

2. Students who sign up for both QWFLS and WFLPS just need to attend the interview held by WFLPS.

IV. Charging Standard

Tuition fees for 2017 will be collected according to the price approved by the price control department.

V. Admission process

The school will set up a leading group to discuss and choose suitable students. Interviews and related work will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Educational Bureau. Resume and award certificates will not be collected. Admission results have nothing to do with any social education institute.

VI. Notes:

Be sure to take verified information registration form. The text message is your ticket.

Come to have the interview punctually.

Shanghai Elementary Education System sends your interview time.

One child with one parent.

Telephone number021 69760860-8010/ 8009


Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

Shanghai Qingpu District, No. 915 LongLian Road


Tel: 021- 69760860

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