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  • science teacher Tom

    As the foreign language science teacher, not only do I want to see every child flourish into a budding scientist, I also want to see them developing their English communicative abilities.

    Tom was born in London, England in 1993 and went to school in London before gaining his BSc in Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals at Loughborough University. He then went onto work in a pharmaceutical laboratory for two years before moving to Wuhan to teach English and physiotherapy at Wuhan Sports University last year.

  • English Teacher Grace

    I’m here because I want you to be better walking out of the door that day this year than you first walked in.

    Grace was born in the 1980s in Shanghai. She studied and received her Master’s degree in Sweden. Grace has previously worked at WFL as an English teacher. In 2016, she began working at QWFL. She is always willing to spend time with students and listen to every word from them.

  • English Teacher Angel

    “As a teacher, I try my best to learn how to teach and teach how to learn. ”

    Angel has a Master degree in Education of Shanghai Normal University.

    She is hardworking and passionate about education. With more than 10 years teaching experience, Angel is good at building up an easy learning atmosphere and developing students’ language ability with well-designed teaching activities. The joy Angel obtains from English is passed to her students, which will push them forward to be better learners.

  • Chinese Teacher Effy

    Love is the best education. And the best way to express your love is to like, encourage and appreciate your children.

    After receiving a Bachelor's degree in School Education from Sichuan Normal University in 1996, Effy became a primary school Chinese teacher. Now, she is a senior teacher with more than 20 years teaching experience.

    She has been honored the title of “advanced teacher” in Putuo district Yichuan area, won the first prize of “LuoJiuBei”, a classroom teaching competition in Putuo and instructed her students towards winning reading and writing awards.

    Effy is strict and steadfast in her work, which is her way of receiving trust and appreciation from her students and their parents.

  • P.E Teacher Jenny

    A P.E teacher should be versatile and expert in one field. Volleyball is my strong point but I like basketball, badminton, ping-pang as well. I will let the students feel the joy of sports.

    A Member of CPC, Jenny received a Bachelor's degree from Shanghai Normal University and the Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Teachers.

  • Chinese Teacher Rena

    As a role model, the teacher has the responsibility of spreading love. Planting the seed into the students’ hearts, watering them with real solicitude, caring with encouragement, we then wait for the flowers to bloom. I am a teacher who teaches the students to cherish their lives, enjoy their life and love to learn.

    Rena received a Bachelor's degree in Primary Education from Shanghai Normal University. She studied Academic Benchmark and Textbook Research of Primary Chinese, Chinese Characters, Classical Readings, An Introduction to Literature, Primary School Child Psychology amongst other courses. As a classroom teacher, she is a good observer and listener, paying much attention to cultivating students’ good learning habits. As a Chinese teacher, she loves teaching and strives for the best. The students love her and her active classes.

  • Chinese Teacher Jennifer

    Each child is a lively and interesting story.

    A Probationary Member of CPC, Jennifer received a Bachelor's degree in Primary Education from Shanghai Normal University. She studied History Sino-foreign Literature and writing amongst other courses. Jennifer is strict, steadfast and self-disciplined in her work, with a strong passion for education. She likes to be with the students, instilling good habits in them and listening to them attentively.

  • Maths Teacher William

    Each student is the future of our world. Only when you adhere to the principle “Study to be Masters, Conduct to be Role Models” can you say you have taken responsibility for your students.

    William has a Master’s degree in Education from East China Normal University. He is studious, reflective and responsible. When teaching, he focuses on improving students’ learning and logical mathematic ability, which paves the way for his ultimate goal, to develop all-round students.

  • Maths Teacher Sunny

    Dewey said that education is growth. I want to have a class where children can develop their thoughts, be inspired can easily learn. I want to be the one who spread seeds in the students’ hearts, witness the children flourish under the spring rain and growing sturdily in the warm spring breeze.

    Sunny received a Bachelor's degree in Instructional Technology from Shanghai Normal University. She studied Advanced Mathematics, Teaching Design, Pedagogy, Psychology amongst other courses.

  • P.E Teacher Jack

    Be tender and strict, be a good teacher and a helpful friend.

    A Member of CPC, Jack received a Bachelor's degree in Basketball from Shanghai Normal University. He persists that physical education should be enjoyable. Through stimulating students’ interest and focusing on individuality, teachers help students achieve growth in sport.


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