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With us, may you learn how to listen to the whisper of the world, and get along with it. Whether it is pleasant to the ear or not, we will try our best to present the authenticity to you and cherish your own perception.

Since each of you is unique, in our campus, Rule No.1 is there is no rule. We would like to be your companion, your mentor, your supporter... but not the judge.

We cherish all your little inspiration and creative behavior, which are the key to exploring the genuine world.

Through your own observation and recognition, you can start to think. Although you are young, your thought could be sophisticated. Just think alike the great philosophers:"where do I come from and where am I going.. " Remember, you are young, so is the world. Thus in QWFLS, we are ready to shape your “DREAM” with responsibility, courage, empathy and creativity.

Five years later, when you step out of the school gate, we will be right here waiting for you to show us a greater world with a great you.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School Principal


Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

Shanghai Qingpu District, No. 915 LongLian Road


Tel: 021- 69760860

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