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Rules and Behavior Standards

When you come to school

Time:Be punctual.

Clothing:Wear the school uniform with green/red scarves, maintaining tidiness.

Manners:Greet teachers and classmates politely.

Schoolbag: Carry your bag by yourself.

When you get into the classroom:

Homework: Hand in your homework on time.

Self-study:Read after the student leader orderly.

Fee collection

Preparation:Put the exact amount of the money into the envelope(with your personal information on the cover).

Lining up: Line up orderly.

Fee paying:Recheck the use of the money.

Morning exercises:(750-815

Preparation:Duty students prepare the equipment accordingly before 7:50.

Morning exercises(7:50-8:15):Follow orders, being aware of safety. You can’t be absent without reasons.

Activity completed: Duty students give back the equipment and the other students return to the classroom orderly.

Learning standard

The first bell ringing:Recite after the student leader orderly.

Classroom performance:Respect teachers, listen carefully and think initiatively.

Homework:Complete the homework earnestly.

Writing posture:A punch, a foot, one inch

P.E. and art lessons:

Preparation: Take your materials and wear proper shoes.

Lining up:Led by the teacher, moving in orderly formations.

Class performance: Respect the teacher and obey orders in all your actions.

Homework:Complete the homework earnestly.

After class:Go back to the classroom orderly.

Between classes

Classroom: Prepare for the next lesson and take a rest.

Stairs:Keep to the right and walk one after another.

Corridor:Rough and tumble play is not allowed.

Playground:No screams and shouts. Pay attention to safety. Going back to the classroom 2 minutes before the class begins.

Eye exercises

Preparation:Sit straight with your feet planted on the floor and close your eyes with your hands folded on the desk.

Do exercises:Find the points and do the exercise according to the rhyme. Keep your eyes closed during the exercises.

Exercises completed:Don’t open your eyes until the music ends.

Lunch time:(1135-1210

Preparation:Unfold your table napkins and tableware, wash hands and get your lunch box orderly.

While eating:Straighten your back. Don't lick or smack your lips.

When finished:Put the lunch box back orderly.

Activity time:(1215-1350

Requirement: Doing irrelevant things is not allowed. Sit straight and listen attentively.

Health education/English broadcast time/Chinese time:Sit straight and listen carefully.

Theme-based Education:Get your book and listen carefully

Broadcast time

Preparation:Keep the desk tidy and sit straight waiting for the broadcast.

While listening:Straighten your back with your feet planted on the floor and listen carefully.

Indoor exercises:

Preparation:Keep the chair under the desk when you hear the music. Do exercises attentively and orderly.

When you do exercises:Actions should reach the designated position in accordance with the rhyme.

When ends:Move out the chair and sit straight.

When school ends(Monday-Thursday 15:30, Friday 14:00)

Lining up: Line up orderly.

Way to pick-up point: Keep pace with the team. Rough and tumble play is not allowed.

In the school bus: Shouting, eating, playing and reading are not allowed.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School
Sep.1, 2017

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

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