Q1: About the curriculum

According to The National Curriculum, QWFLS has developed a special “4+1” curriculum system. We referred to some quality courses from WFLPS and reconstructed them with new ideas.

Students spend 4 days learning traditional courses and one day on STEAM. We focus on developing students’ comprehensive abilities such as skepticism, inquirycooperation and manipulation to lay a solid foundation of life-long learning.

Q2: How can the primary school students of QWFLS go to the middle school

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School is a sixteen-year fulltime school. Process-based evaluation is adopted to evaluate students. If results are up to standard, the student can progress to the middle school directly. We don’t have a quota.

Q3: Do you have accommodation and school buses

We don’t have accommodation until September 2017.

We have school buses. The school bus stops are located in Xuhui and Minhang District.

Route: Xinhua Rd Fanyu Rd-Guilin Rd-Gudai Road-Lianhua Rd-Songze Avenue-Campus

Routes will be adjusted as needed.

Q4: Is there any interaction between QWLS and WFLPS?

We have a long-term interaction. Firstly, teachers of our school are all from Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School. They are professional and dedicated. Secondly, we share the same educational objective to cultivate a cosmopolite who is an aspiring, persistent, insightful and contributing individual.

Thirdly, students of these two campuses will interact with each other.

Q5: About the facilities?

QWFLS is located at Songze Avenue crossing of Panlong Road.

Our school covers an area of 60 mu, equipped with purpose-built rooms, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and Ventilation System.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School

Shanghai Qingpu District, No. 915 LongLian Road


Tel: 021- 69760860

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